Jesus Called Out Sinners. Should We?

Jesus Called Out Sinners. Should We? November 17, 2018

A Chicago pastor called out a cross-dressing man in the middle of a worship service, telling him to leave the church and “go put on man clothes.”

“Whatever you do on the outside is your business, but I will not let drag queens come in here,” Pastor Antonio Rocquemore told the crossdresser in front of the congregation.

You know what happened next. Left-wing Twitter exploded in righteous anger at the pastor for doing something Jesus would never do. Many right-leaning Christians were shocked as well (Before you judge, please read the article yourself).

So, would Jesus publicly call out sinners? Is it unChristlike to publicly shame the unrepentant?

Anyone who’s actually read the Bible knows the answer.

The Gospels devote entire chapters to Christ’s public tirades. Christ was constantly rebuking a Pharisee, calling hellfire onto an unrepentant city, or grousing over the stupidity of his own disciples. He called the crowds “unbelieving and perverse” and referred to a Canaanite woman and her people as “dogs.”

So if Jesus shamed people, should his followers do likewise?

Assuming cross-dressing is a sin, did pastor Rocquemore act in a Christlike manner? As Christians, is it our duty to publicly call out individual sinners? Under what circumstances are we allowed to go full-angry-prophet on the unrepentant? How confident of our righteousness must we be before speaking out? Does speaking out harm or enhance our witness?

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