Liberalism’s Man-Deficit Explained in 2 Minutes

Liberalism’s Man-Deficit Explained in 2 Minutes February 25, 2019

Women are more likely to lean toward liberalism than men. This is true all over the developed world, especially among young people.

But why? Brett McKay at The Art of Manliness shares an insight about men:

Manhood then, from conception to old age, IS struggle. The struggle to move from dependence to independence, to step into a male identity, to attain one’s masculine powers.    

Today there are few rites of passage that transition boys through these struggles, and little external urgency in ensuring they learn to protect and provide.

But men would do well to remember that the itch for challenge is embedded in their blood, and that they will not find ultimate fulfillment in the absence of labor, conflict, striving.

This may be one reason why men are a minority in both liberal politics and liberal churches. Both promise to alleviate struggle – the very thing that gives men’s lives meaning.

As the Democratic party lurches to the left, promising free college, free health care and now free basic income, something within a man asks, “What is there left to strive for?” Identity politics goes over the top to nurture every victim, no matter how mild the offense. Men understand the role that struggle plays in character formation, and are not anxious to see every challenge eliminated, nor every unkindness adjudicated.

Liberal churches face the same challenges reaching men – particularly young ones. The liberal Jesus plays the role of doting grandmother rather than correcting father. Liberal Jesus preaches a gospel of social justice, a great leveling which sounds to men like boring sameness. There’s no struggle for personal holiness; only a vague call to good works and social activism. Evil exists not within our hearts; rather, it resides in greedy corporations and uncaring officials.

Such a God holds little appeal for men, particularly young men.

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