March 14, 2019

As a fairly new columnist on Patheos, it is an honour to be included in an amazing community of Catholic writers and bloggers. But for those familiar with the online Catholic community, Church Militant requires no introduction. Unlike my previous articles, I write this post as an open response to the latest jab against a couple of my fellow Patheos writers by this popular Catholic ‘news’ site. Because of their latest stunt, I feel prompted to speak out in an… Read more

March 13, 2019

Being a follower of Jesus is like riding a vehicle to reach a destination (cue Carrie Underwood song). Joking aside, when we ride as a passenger we are relying on the driver to bring us safely to our destination — that’s the very definition of faith. Usually when you ride with someone, a good chauffeur will always ensure you’re wearing your seat belt. While this may not be the most water-tight comparison, wearing a seat belt has some similar parallels with the… Read more

March 8, 2019

Locker-room Talk I remember in junior high school, locker-room talk was quite commonplace. When talking about girls in our class, sometimes I would get ridiculed for hesitating to participate in such sexually degrading talk. I would be lying if I said I was innocent of partaking in such vulgarity, but I was often teased and told I was gay for not sharing in the raunchy humor with my peers. I would sometimes join the conversation unwillingly to avoid being ridiculed in… Read more

March 6, 2019

In my article I Long For Christian Unity, I aired my grievances with the doctrinal disunity among Christian denominations. My experiences with chronic, inconsistent biblical exegesis among Protestants are among the biggest contributors to my eventual return to Catholicism. But in spite of boasting about enjoying unity for nearly two millennia, the Catholic Church suffers much internal dysfunction. And now that I’m back in communion with the Church that claims to be founded by Christ Himself, it pains me to… Read more

March 2, 2019

It’s that time of year again! Lent 2019 is just around the corner! Because the times are changing rapidly, so are the things that affect our daily routines. Instead of coming up with the usual sacrifices for Lent like chocolate, sweets or alcohol, I figured I’d come up with a list that is somewhat less cliched and more up-to-date. Well, kind of. One thing I should clarify is this is only a list of ideas. If anything, it’s easier to… Read more

February 25, 2019

My first official exposure to metal music was when I was in the sixth grade. My friends and I recorded our own radio show for a group project. We wrote a script, chose songs to be played between skits and recorded it in an empty classroom. A friend brought Marilyn Manson’s ‘Antichrist Superstar’ album which belonged to their older sibling. We closed the door, cranked the song Beautiful People and danced moronically on desktops while dubbing the song on cassette. I… Read more

February 11, 2019

The Culture of Instant Gratification As someone who grew up on a farm, my earliest job experiences involved doing chores. It wasn’t until I was 12 years old when I started to get paid to do work on the farm. I spent my weekends mowing the lawn, pruning trees and piling branches in the middle of the field to burn. Just before my school year had finished, I had enough money saved up to buy a Nintendo 64 gaming console…. Read more

January 14, 2019

As a Catholic blogger, much of my writing content centers around explaining Catholic beliefs in a way that can be relatable for non-Catholic Christians. Given this niche topic, harsh criticism is always to be expected. Most Protestants generally disagree with much of Catholic doctrine, though I think it’s important to understand that not all of them expressively hate Catholics. While most of these allegations come from those who seemingly have an ax to grind against the Church, others are genuinely… Read more

January 7, 2019

As the description in the YouTube link says, “Torch of Christ Ministries took to the streets of Kyiv, Ukraine to evangelize to the lost and preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. On a day where the whole city was celebrating the orthodox easter holiday, it was only fitting that we were confronted by an orthodox religious woman.” This video is painful to watch. The impression I get from this video is this man knows very little about the culture and beliefs… Read more

January 7, 2019

Image credit: As a cradle-Catholic who had converted to Evangelical Protestantism in my late teens, one of the factors that led me to consider abandoning the faith of my heritage was the seemingly unbiblical practice of praying to Mary and the saints. After attending a youth Bible camp for a couple summers, I learned from my Christian peers about the implications of prayer. Because the first of the Ten Commandments says, “You shall have no other gods before me,”… Read more

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