February 18, 2020

In the wake of the newly released apostolic exhortation Querida Amazonia, outrage seemed to have once again sparked — but this time from both traditionalist and feminist corners of Catholic social media. One side generally believes the document is too ambiguous regarding the ordination of women in the Amazon and is freaking out that not enough is being said to lay the issue to rest on a global scale. Thus, further enabling the eventual possibility of (dun dun dun!!!!) women priests…. Read more

February 7, 2020

As someone who was raised Catholic and spent nearly 12 years as an adult Evangelical, there have been numerous times when I’ve struggled with having faith in God, let alone the existence of Jesus Christ. I had regularly attended Mass in my youth, though the circumstances surrounding my autistic brother’s high sensory difficulties made attending our local parish difficult to accomplish as a family unit. Paired with being frequently bullied in school by even those who attended the same church, I… Read more

February 4, 2020

A headline of an article recently published by Catholic media outlet ChurchPOP reads, “Jennifer Lopez Blasphemously Mimics Jesus on Stripper Pole at Super Bowl Halftime Show.” Whether the performance by Shakira and J-Lo was empowering for women or not, I will first point out that misleading headlines such as these are one of the many reasons why the world does not take Christians seriously. The article sets up a false narrative that everyone who outstretches their arms (whether in dance… Read more

February 3, 2020

Many Christians rely on devotionals as a regular part of nurturing a spiritual relationship with Jesus. Usually it entails a specific theme that meditates on certain passages in the Bible, or even a commentary on Scripture. The Seven Sorrows of Mary are a Roman Catholic devotion that acknowledges seven sorrowful events that have shaped Mary’s walk with our Lord. In Catholic iconography, the Virgin Mary is depicted in a grieving state, with one or seven long blades piercing her heart —… Read more

January 29, 2020

Catholic social media circles are a volatile place to be, though some would argue that it’s like every other online community. And like other online cirlces, the Church has its very own hot-button topics that set people ablaze in an instant. There are several other topics and public figures that could have made this list, but this is only my own compiled list based on the online interactions I’ve partaken in personally. 1 – Pope Francis He’s not the most… Read more

January 28, 2020

When it comes to reading the Bible, many Christians often assume the passages are clear and conspicuous enough to be self-interpreting. Yet time after time, we are proven that Scripture requires a second set of eyes. At the same time, we are continuously warned about the existence of false teachers and how easily they sneak potentially  into Church doctrine, pastoral sermons or even your weekly Bible study. And as time passes by, old heresies once condemned by generations long gone… Read more

January 23, 2020

In the non-denominational Bible college I attended in my early 20’s, one of my instructors had told the class towards the end of the final semester, “In the coming years after you leave, some of you will fall away from the faith.” Knowing the genuine character of my former instructor, his statement wasn’t meant as a way of striking fear in the students, but informing them of an ongoing reality that many Bible school alumni face as they get older and… Read more

January 20, 2020

For the amount of years I’ve spent as an Evangelical, I’ve attended my share of church worship services. Often when the music started playing (whether it be traditional hymns or contemporary songs of praise) there was usually at least a handful of people who would raise their hands in reverence to the Lord. But to be honest, I’ve always found the sight of people lifting their hands as though they were in some kind of euphoric state rather off-putting. Though… Read more

January 15, 2020

Well, I’ve allowed this film to soak in after viewing it back in December. After seeing The Last Jedi, my skepticism was extremely high. I wasn’t sure how The Rise of Skywalker was going to recover from a creative direction that veered sideways. I think Ruin *cough*, I mean Rian Johnson took too many risks that nearly cost the franchise half of its fanbase. But given the framework from the previous Star Wars film, J.J. Abrams did an okay job all… Read more

January 9, 2020

Most of my Catholic readers probably wouldn’t have known who Francis Chan is until recently. If you’ve followed the renaissance of celebrity Protestant pastors which started in the mid-2000s (including the likes of John Piper, John MacArthur, Timothy Keller and Paul Washer), then Francis Chan is pretty much a household name. He was the founding pastor of megachurch Cornerstone Community Church before stepping down and pursuing smaller-scale forms of ministry involving social justice and small-church planting. I have always admired… Read more

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