New Book: Jewish Believers in Jesus

New Book: Jewish Believers in Jesus August 29, 2007

I commend to you a new book from Hendrickson:

Jewish Believers in Jesus: The Early Centuries (eds. O. Skarsaune & R. Hvalvik).

I just obtained a copy yesterday and it looks fantastic. I remember it was coming down the pipeline when I was working at Hendrickson and they did an excellent job.

The list of contributors is impressive: James Carleton Paget, RIchard Bauckham, DonaldHagner, Craig Evans, Graham Stanton, Oskar Skarsaune, Reider Hvalvik, Philip Alexander, James Strange.

On their website HP offers a sample chapter on pdf.


Probably one of the most attractive and unique features is that a large portion of the book looks at Greek and Latin fathers, though the NT interaction is certainly more than perfunctory.

As some of you students and scholars interact with this text, let me know by comments or email and I will try and pass some of them on to HP  – they always like to know the reception of their books (

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