What do Larry Hurtado and Alan Segal have in common…?

What do Larry Hurtado and Alan Segal have in common…? May 21, 2008

They have a recent festschrift in honor of them – in the same book!  The title of the book is Israel’s God and Rebecca’s Children: Christology and COmmunity in Early Judaism and Christianity. They co-founded a scholarly club that relates to christology (which made it into SBL/AAR).  What is amazing is the number of scholars of high caliber who wanted to participate in this FS.
Here is a sampling of some of the essay titles I found interesting (I am reviewing this book; more on the actual content will be blogged later):

‘How we Talk about Christology Matters’  – A.D. DeConick

‘Mandatory Retirement: Ideas in the Study of Christian Origins Whose Time Has Come to God’ – P. Fredriksen

‘The “Most High” God and the Nature of Early Jewish Monotheism’ – Bauckham

‘”How on Earth Did Jesus Become a God?”: A Reply’ – A.Y. Collins

‘Resurrection and Christology: Are They Related?’ – Pheme Perkins

‘Pauline Exegesis and the Incarnate Christ’ – D.B. Capes

‘When Did the Understanding of Jesus’ Death as an Atoning Sacrifice First Emerge?’  – J.D.G. Dunn

‘Discarding the Seamless Robe: The High Priesthood of Jesus in John’s Gospel’ – H.K. Bond

‘Remembering and Revelation: The Historic and Glorified Jesus in the Gospel of John’ – Hurtado

‘Jesus: “The One Who Sees God”‘ – M.M. Thompson

‘Paul’s Religious Experience in the Eyes of Jewish Scholars’  – A.F. Segal

Wow!  What a collection!

I have met Larry personally and he is a nice guy.  He told me that he was on a committee that approved John Barclay’s move to Durham as Lightfoot Prof of Divinity – thanks Larry for bringing one of my supervisors to Durham!

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