A Small Celebration…

A Small Celebration… September 15, 2008

I began my blog about 20 months ago, and I am happy celebrate today getting just over 40,000 hits.  In light of this occasion, I decided to gather together some of my more popular ‘how-to’ posts for academic research onto one page for easy accessibility and review.  See the page above ‘Guide to Researchers’.

Also, you may have noticed that I changed the picture at the top.  What you are now looking at is the beautiful Durham cathedral and some other buildings on the palace green.  Durham cathedral and castle are considered to be a ‘World Heritage Site’ and one of the most popular landmark buildings in the UK.  If you are ever in northeast England, please come check it out.  BTW – the theology department is also on the palace green and the student study office is very close as well.

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