Richard Hays – “Turning the World Upside-Down…”

Richard Hays – “Turning the World Upside-Down…” October 21, 2008

I had previously announced that Richard B Hays (Duke) will be giving the first annual CK BARRETT Lecture at the University of Durham on November 5.  Indeed, Barrett, who is now 91, is expected to be in attendance.  The title has now been announced: “Turning the World Upside-Down: Israel’s Scripture in Luke-Acts.”  Also, Hays will be giving the guest lecture in our weekly New Testament seminar two days earlier (Nov 3, my birthday) with the title: “Hidden in order to be Revealed: Jesus as the God of Israel in Mark’s Gospel.”

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  • I thought the title of his talk sounded familiar, then remembered that he had given it previously and I had downloaded the audio. You can find it on the following link, from April 2007. (Sorry, Nijay, if I’m stealing thunder from his live talk.)

  • Well, I can tell you it will be the first time for Kingsley Barrett! Too bad the lecture is over a year old, though. Well, maybe he’s doing it again because it wowed the audience the first time… 🙂

  • As good as Hays is, I’d imagine he’s reworked some of his material and improved it.

    The NT Seminary lecture looks outstanding, you ought to get a bootleg for the less fortunate.