Thoughts and Advice on Choosing a Thesis Monograph Series

Thoughts and Advice on Choosing a Thesis Monograph Series December 14, 2008

At a departmental function this weekend I had a nice chat with a scholar I trust.  I asked him which monograph series he encourages his own doctoral students to publish in.  He had recommended specifically Walter de Gruyter and Mohr Siebeck.  I had asked him why he did not mention the UK publishers.  He commented that a well-known UK series has a policy that they want short 80,000 word manscripts, following the trend of some universities which have set their max word limit at 80K for theses.  Since Durham is still at a 100,000 max limit, it would be difficult (though not impossible) to cut it down to their liking for publication.  This is something significant that I had never thought about before.

I had mentioned that it seemed like Mohr Siebeck did not seem like a really exclusive series since they seemed to put out so many volumes per year.  He mentioned that they have revamped a bit and now are much stricter.
Though there are many factors to consider, these are a couple worth noting.  Also, I heard that if you are interested in doing a post-doc in Germany, it helps to publish your thesis in a German series – this may just be a rumor, but it does make some sense.
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