Converting from Bibleworks Greek to Unicode

Converting from Bibleworks Greek to Unicode May 25, 2009

I have been asked in some comments how I convert from Bibleworks font to unicode in a Word doc.  It can all be done within Word’s add-in function once you install Galaxie’s biblescript program.  See HERE.

On such matters and more see Mark Hoffmann’s excellent post HERE.

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  • Why not just set the export preferences within BIbleworks options and that way any text you copy to the clipboard will be exported as unicode. On occasions, if this produces a glitch, copying first to the Bibleworks editor, and then to clipboard solves the problem. That way you are not confined to using Word if you prefer another WP.

  • Thanks for this Doug. Truth be told, I haven’t been able to figure out how to do this correctly in Bibleworks – it comes out wrong in my Word doc. But, also, I have some older docs that were written with BW fonts some time ago and I needed to unicode them. Also, for articles, I like BW font better (visually) than most unicode versions, but some journals want unicode while others don’t care.

    Anyway, maybe this is enough motivation to try BW again and figure out what I am doing wrong. Thanks!