Festschrift for EP Sanders

Festschrift for EP Sanders June 12, 2009

I just came across the new FS for EP Sanders (See HERE).

Contributors include: Fabian E. Udoh, D. Moody Smith, E. P. Sanders, Jouette M. Bassler, Shaye J.D. Cohen, Albert I. Baumgarten, Cynthia M. Baker, Israel J. Yuval, Martin Goodman, Eric M. Meyers, Jürgen Zangenberg, Seán Freyne, Peter Richardson, Adele Reinhartz, Paula Fredriksen, Stephen Hultgren, John P. Meier, Craig C. Hill, Heikki Räisänen, Richard B. Hays, Stanley K. Stowers, John M. G. Barclay.

Quite a list of who’s who in Judaism and NT studies.

Here is the description

For nearly four decades, E. P. Sanders has been the foremost scholar in shaping and refocusing scholarly debates in three different but related disciplines in New Testament studies: Second Temple Judaism, Jesus and the Gospels, and Pauline studies. This collection of essays by an impressive array of colleagues and former students presents original scholarship that extends—or departs from—the research of Sanders himself. Both apologists and dissenters find their place in this volume, as the authors actively debate Sanders’s innovative positions on central issues in all three disciplines.

The introductory group of essays includes a substantive intellectual autobiography by E. P. Sanders himself. The next three parts examine in turn the three areas in which Sanders made his important contributions. The essays in part 2 engage Sanders’s notion of “common Judaism.” Those in part 3 deal with issues that Sanders raised respecting the historical Jesus and the Gospels. And the essays in part 4 debate Sanders’s contention that participation in Christ, rather than justification by faith, is the central theme of Paul’s soteriology. The volume concludes with a bibliography of Sanders’s works.

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  • I love Ed Sanders. His work on the historical Jesus is, in my view, top notch, and while I’m not big on Paul at all, I deeply appreciate the paradigm shift he has inaugurated in Pauline studies. Unfortunately, he retired my first semester at Duke, so I didn’t get to take any courses with him, but I did meet with him in his office for a short while and had him sign 3 of his books that I own. We’ve also met since; he spoke at the southwest regional SBL meeting about 3 years ago, and he actually remembered me.

    At SBL in Boston I was at the Duke reception (as an alum, of course) when he was presented with the festschrift. It was quite funny, actually. Sanders related a story of how he always said he never wanted a festschrift; he actually said he dislikes the genre. He claims the success of this project, however, is owed to the students who pressed for it. It was a quite humorous speech.