From Phd thesis to monograph…?

From Phd thesis to monograph…? July 21, 2009

So, even just a day later I am eager to fit this thesis for publishing.  My examiners were happy to pass my thesis as is for the phd, but they tacitly made it known that it needed work for publication.  I am OK with that, but the question is always – how much do I do?  How significant should the changes be to strengthen the thesis?  Adding some clarifying footnotes?  Completely re-writing sections?

I would like to know from you readers who have published your phd thesis, did you change much before sending it to a publisher?  Did the publisher ask for major changes?

Just curious.  I mean, I could do some important changes and I wouldn’t quite know if I have successfuly covered the issues.  I guess it comes down to try-and-try-again, right?

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