Monograph Series Interviews – Open Invitation to Readers

Monograph Series Interviews – Open Invitation to Readers August 7, 2009

I have lined up interviews with scholars who have published with BZNW (Walter de Gruyter), SNTSMS (Cambridge), WUNT II (Mohr Siebeck), NovTSup (Brill), and LNTS (T & T Clark).  This, in my humble opinion, represents the publishers that consisently put out the best New Testament monographs in English.  But I am not a close-minded stubborn person.  If you published with a series not mentioned above, and you had a very good experience and/or are furious that I did not include it, please contact me (in the comments below?) and let me know and I will set up an interview with you.  I know some scholars who have chosen not to publish with the above and I think my readers would like to know why.

Otherwise, I will have the next interview up in a week or so.

Some readers have clued me in to some important questions I was missing.  Thanks!  Your suggestions have been heard and taken into consideration.  Feel free to offer more advice on what you are wanting to learn from the interviewees.

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  • Kevin


    Even though I’m in a different field, this series has been really interesting and helpful.

    Here’s my question:
    How influential were examiners’ references in the publishing process? How about references from supervisors?

  • Mike Bird

    Maybe the Princeton Theological Monograph series with Pickwick (= Wipf & Stock) and also the Bibical Interpretation Series (Brill).

  • Thanks to Mike for the shout out about PTMS. But, I should note that the “Theological” in the series title covers a wide array of monograph topics, including but not limited to New Testament studies. I’d be happy to talk about publishing in PTMS, and I could point you to some NT authors who might be willing to share their experiences with us.

  • I’d love to hear from folks who published with W&S. It’d be nice to see some more diversity of experience.

  • Richard Fellows


    interesting series. I am contemplating publishing more, but I have made much of my material available on the web and see big advantages in that medium. I would be interested in discussion on the extent to which the various publishers allow authors to retain similar material on the internet. Secondly, Tyndale Bulletin is now available free of charge on the internet and I would like to know if the monograph series are planning anything similar.