Monograph Series Interviews – Open Invitation to Readers

Monograph Series Interviews – Open Invitation to Readers August 7, 2009

I have lined up interviews with scholars who have published with BZNW (Walter de Gruyter), SNTSMS (Cambridge), WUNT II (Mohr Siebeck), NovTSup (Brill), and LNTS (T & T Clark).  This, in my humble opinion, represents the publishers that consisently put out the best New Testament monographs in English.  But I am not a close-minded stubborn person.  If you published with a series not mentioned above, and you had a very good experience and/or are furious that I did not include it, please contact me (in the comments below?) and let me know and I will set up an interview with you.  I know some scholars who have chosen not to publish with the above and I think my readers would like to know why.

Otherwise, I will have the next interview up in a week or so.

Some readers have clued me in to some important questions I was missing.  Thanks!  Your suggestions have been heard and taken into consideration.  Feel free to offer more advice on what you are wanting to learn from the interviewees.

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