‘Interested in NT PhD’? post just reached….

‘Interested in NT PhD’? post just reached…. October 29, 2009

….8000 hits.  It is, of course, my most popular post (totalling about 35 pages or so).  For a couple I years I have toyed with the idea of expanding it into a book.  Now, I am quite close to closing the deal on getting it into print.

But – why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?  Well, I expect that the book will have three main parts – (1) getting into a phd program, (2) doing well on your dissertation and surviving your defense, and (3) preparing to be a scholar (publishing, book contracts, book reviews, networking, conference presentations, job interviews, etc…).

My PhD post covers primarily the first part of the projected book, but many students will find themselves in need for parts (2) and (3) if they listen to me on part (1)!  Also, I may trim down what I offer on that blog post -keeping bare minimum info, but encouraging readers to get the book.  Hopefully it can be reasonably priced.

So, I will keep you updated on whether I can make this work or not!  I hope so!

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  • That post was one of the first few that prompted me to start blogging, not to mention the sage advice in the post itself. Good job!

  • Congrats, Nijay. I look forward to seeing the book–hopefully before I graduate. 😉

  • I think that’s a great idea. I’d love to have it in a few years when I start looking for a PhD.

  • Great idea Nijay. This post has been the most helpful post for me as I’m thinking about applying to PhD studies as well.

    Gluck on the publishing and if it does come out in print, I will be sure to recommend it to others!

  • John

    Congrats indeed!

    Nijay, I have a question. You once mentioned in your website that you published quite a bit from your thesis already. Did it come as a concern or any negative factor in terms of looking for an opportunity to publish your thesis? If do not mind, how much of your thesis did you publish before? What I have heard from others is something like no more than one chapter–and that should not be the main part of your argument.