New Paul book by Hendrickson

New Paul book by Hendrickson October 22, 2009

Do you know about the new Hendrickson book Paul Unbound?

It is edited by Mark Given and involves a range of approaches to Paul that go beyond the normal responses.

These are the participants in this project:

Warren Carter, “Paul and the Roman Empire: Recent Perspectives”
Steven J. Friesen, “Paul and Economics: The Jerusalem Collection as an Alternative to Patronage”
Jerry L. Sumney, “Paul and His Opponents: The Search”
Charles H. Cosgrove, “Paul and Ethnicity: A Selective History of Interpretation”
A. Andrew Das, “Paul and the Law: Pressure Points in the Debate”
Mark D. Nanos, “Paul and Judaism: Why not Paul’s Judaism?”

Deborah Krause, “Paul and Women: Telling Women to Shut Up Is More Complicated than You Might Think”
Mark D. Given, “Paul and Rhetoric: A Sophos in the Kingdom of God”

Here, I am particularly interested in Friesen’s piece as well as Sumney and Krause.  As you can see, they have selected the right people for the jobs – it should be an interesting textbook or stimulus for discussion.

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