Great Biblical Scholars Write for Catalyst

Great Biblical Scholars Write for Catalyst January 28, 2010

I found out about a periodical aimed at young theological students called Catalyst.  They offer articles from an evangelical perspective within the United Methodist Church.  The articles are very short and are geared towards the uninitiated student – the most basic information on a subject.  These work well for earnest laypeople or college and seminary students.

When I began to peruse their back issues I was amazed at the number of world renowned biblical scholars they brought on to write pieces (and not all Methodists, as I gather).  Here is a sampling (not all are well-known scholars, but some are certainly excellent topics and overviews).  Check out especially McKnight, Gorman, Watson, and Bauckham.

Joel Green on recent Gospels and Acts commentaries

D. Christopher Spinks on Theological Interpretation of Scripture

Brian Brock on his book Singing the Ethos of God

Joseph Dongell on the New Perspective on Paul and Wesleyan Theology

Brian Walsh on Thinking like a Christian

Michael Goheen and the Bible as story

Scot McKnight on the authority of the Bible

Michael Gorman on embodying the cross

Brian Russell on the need for the Biblical languages

Andrew Clarke on Church leadership

Terence Fretheim and God and the power of Vulnerability

Mark Horst on the Lindbeck/Frei School of Theology

Carey C. Newman’s assessment of Wright’s quest for Jesus

Christopher Wright on OT ethics

Craig Keener on Christ and Christian Missions

Joel Green on Scripture, Theology, and Hermeneutics

Francis Watson on Christian confession and Biblical scholarship

Richard Bauckham on the relevance of Revelation

Kevin Vanhoozer and Overinterpretation

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