Who is NT Wright’s Old Testament Alter Ego???

Who is NT Wright’s Old Testament Alter Ego??? January 12, 2010

Apparently it is John Goldingay (Fuller Theological Seminary) who has been slated by WJK to produce the Old Testament counter-part to the popular Wright series The New Testament For Everyone.  I must say that I have been listening to Goldingay on itunes and he is absolutely the best choice for working on the OT series of this type.  His illustrations are reasonable and insightful and often humorous.  He has a warm and charitable way, similar to Wright.  He knows his history, but has a deep interest in theology, as Wright.  Marvelous!

As you might guess, the series will begin with Genesis, in two volumes (1-16, 17-50).  I get a sense from Goldingay’s lectures that he is more “cheekier” than Wright (in the good sense!).  One chapter from the forthcoming books is entitled: “Two Guys Who Need Their Heads Banged Together.”  That is vintage Goldingay.  I get a sense that we will be seeing this out in March/April 2010.

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