N.T. Wright for Everyone: the apostle Paul

N.T. Wright for Everyone: the apostle Paul February 9, 2010

As promised, I have developed a very brief guide to N.T. Wright’s thoughts on Paul (main text is less than 2000 words).  Two other texts are in production (by other fine writers) on Wright on Biblical theology and Wright on the Historical Jesus.

My essay can be found HERE.

This essay was prepared especially for those who will attend the upcoming Wheaton theology conference which offers a dialogue with Wright.  See HERE.

Please share this scribd link with others who wish to get the basic scoop on Wright and Paul.

[For those Wright-lovers out there, I realize that I could not comment on every aspect of his writing on Paul and had to be very selective for the sake of being brief.  Forgive any shortcomings of the essay.  I have offered a bibliography at the end that will fill some of those gaps for interested readers.]

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