Get a Free Copy of My Monograph (Contest/Giveaway)

Get a Free Copy of My Monograph (Contest/Giveaway) September 3, 2010

As a personal celebration of getting this dissertation published, I am giving away one copy of my Walter de Gruyter monograph.

In order to participate, send me an email with 1-2 paragraphs stating why you would like a copy of my monograph and how it would benefit your current education/research. This is not so I can boost my own ego, but so I know that the recipient will really get value out of it (since monographs are such specialized resources). I will select one person that I will mail a copy to along with some other “goodies.”

To enter, email me at my institutional email address. The first part of my address is “guptan” and then put the “at” symbol and then “”

A sample of my book can be found here.

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