Some books coming in 2012 from Baker Academic

Some books coming in 2012 from Baker Academic December 21, 2011

Start saving up now!

Tremper Longman has a commentary on Job coming in August (BCOT series)

The Paideia series will put out two volumes soon- 1 Corinthians by Pheme Perkins and 1/2 Peter by Duane Watson and Terrance Callan.

Craig Keener is going to publish a commentary on Acts in the summer. Oh yeah, it is 900 pages. And only the first volume. On Acts 1:1-4:30. I think if you buy the complete set in advance, it comes with a free back brace. Just kidding – looking forward to this Craig!

Francis Moloney has written a commentary on Mark due out in May (no series?)

Steve Moyise is still working hard making sense of the use of the OT in the NT. This time it is Later New Testament Writings and Scripture.

A crew of Durham grads (and one staffer) have written essays for a book called A Theological Introduction to the Pentateuch. Contributors include Jo Bailey Wells, Joel Lohr, Richard Briggs, Rob Barrett, and Nathan McDonald. I think all of these except Briggs studied with Moberly and, thus, this volume pays respect to his theological interpretation legacy as well as furnishes a short introduction to this important subject.

Finally, Don Thorsen and Keith Reeves (of Haggard School of Theology, Azusa Pacific U) have written a very interesting book called What Christians Believe About the Bible (coming in August). Here is the official description.

Don Thorsen and Keith Reeves combine their biblical and theological knowledge to provide students with an informed and wide-ranging understanding of varied Christian views about the Bible’s nature. This concise introduction not only explores the interpretation of the Bible but also examines the history and theological understanding behind biblical interpretation, equipping students to think critically about their own tradition’s approach to Scripture. It will serve as a useful supplemental text in both introductory biblical studies and theology courses, helping to “fill in the blanks” regarding issues that do not always show up explicitly in a particular discipline.

This is exactly the kind of book I have been looking for for my class on Scripture! There is a huge need for such a book that is balanced and accessible. This could be the one!

Note: You can find these forthcoming-release titles here.

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