A Great Documentary on the Apostles' Creed

A Great Documentary on the Apostles' Creed January 5, 2012

For my Christian Formation course, we spend 2 weeks learning from the Apostles’ Creed – I deeply enjoying studying about the early creeds and teaching them to students! I found, a few months ago, a DVD documentary on Amazon called “The Apostles’ Creed” (Christian History Institute) produced by T.N. Mohan. Originally, it was a 12 hour documentary (and you can buy that version as well!), but I opted to purchase the 2-hour abridged edition. It seems a bit old (looks like the early ’80’s based on hairstyles and glasses!), but the list of contributors is outstanding:

-N.T. Wright
-Robert Mulholland (Asbury)
-Alister McGrath (spelled on the DVD backcover as “Alistair”!)
-Derek Tidball (London School of Theology)
– Kallistos Ware (Bishop of Diokleia, Oxford)
-Mark Galli (Christianity Today)
-Richard Bewes (All Souls Church, London)
And there are a few others. Each block of the creed is discussed in about 8-10 minutes, so I plan on showing the short segments at the beginning of each class that pertains to that part of the creed. The content is not monumentally profound, but it gets the most important points across in a visually attractive way, and I think the students like all the British accents!
The DVD can be found here.

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