David Garland publishes commentary on Luke (ZECNT)

David Garland publishes commentary on Luke (ZECNT) January 25, 2012

I just received David Garland’s new Luke commentary in the post (Zondervan Exegetical series). I will give a report and review later on, but I wanted to just note that it is out and can be viewed here. Garland is a really fantastic commentator – his work on Mark (NIVAC) and 1 Corinthians (BECNT) are two very fine commentaries and ones I consult regularly. I have not read a commentary on Luke before and I look forward to dipping into Garland’s contribution. My first impression is that it appears a bit too technical for the commentary series’ audience, but as a researcher and teacher I am sure appreciating it!

One of the best features of this ZECNT series is that it forces the commentator to think very deeply about the main idea of each passage, the rhetorical flow of argumentation or the narrative, and how each and every story or passage could be applied to Christian life today. No wonder the commentary is over 1000 pages and contains 76 chapters!

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