Interpretation Journal – new year, new issue, new publisher!

Interpretation Journal – new year, new issue, new publisher! January 20, 2012

Interpretation: A Journal of Bible and Theology is one of my favorite periodicals – some of the finest articles, ones I frequently re-read and cite, come from this journal. It was recently announced that, while the editorial leadership would not change, the 2012 issues would be published by SAGE. This brings some benefits to readers for a few reasons. First, I think (?) institutions will be able to get better online access. Also, the webpage is now clearer and easier to navigate. Thirdly, for authors, Sage does a really fantastic job copyediting.

This announcement coincides with the release of the first 2012 issue on “Liturgy and Pentecost/Trinity Sunday.” As always, a really excellent collection of articles, but easily attractive are ones by Beverly Gaventa and Jeremy Begbie. Also, Susan Eastman (Duke Divinity) and James Dunn offer some major book reviews. See here. Somehow the articles are coming up free for me (without me logging into my university account), so maybe they are doing a free promo, so check it out soon!
UPDATE: Some of my librarian friends tell me that Sage will sell a subscription to Interpretation for $198 versus the old rate of $48. This is really unfortunate and puts libraries in a very difficult situation, having to consider eliminating journal subscriptions  – and it would be sad indeed to cancel Interpretation. I guess this is the serious downside to Sage’s take-over…
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