Graham Stanton on Depicting Jesus as a Sage

Graham Stanton on Depicting Jesus as a Sage February 15, 2012

Those who portray Jesus primarily or solely as a wisdom teacher or Jewish Cynic have built dubious hypothesis upon dubious hypothesis. Why? One cannot help observing that once again history is repeating itself: as has often happened in historical Jesus research, the reconstructed portrait of Jesus bears an uncanny resemblance to the researcher. (Cambridge Companion to Jesus, 65)

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  • Mark

    I’m not sure it’s true to say it bears a resemblance to the researcher (unless you believe the only researcher who will find that Jesus was a miracle worker is a researcher who can personally work miracles). It bears a resemblance to the expectations of the researcher, more like.
    And isn’t that natural? After all, by the time a researcher is writing, he’s already done some research — research probably got him interested in studying Jesus to begin with. So his or her expectations are to at least some degree set by what he’s already found. It’s a pretty complicated dance.