Help! What are the Controversial/Debated Issues in Ephesians?

Help! What are the Controversial/Debated Issues in Ephesians? April 27, 2012

I am currently reviewing an Ephesians commentary and I am just now through the introduction and getting into the commentary notes. Writing a review of a commentary is very difficult because there is so much information and it is more of a reference work than a monograph (how do you review a dictionary, for example?). There are many things to mention regarding Ephesians in general – authorship, purposes for the text, “Paul and Politics” issues, engaging with the “New Perspective,” etc… I will, of course, treat these issues.

What about the commentary text itself? For any of you more familiar with the history of scholarship on Ephesians, what are the key debated texts and issues of interpretation? I have some idea (esp in view of similar issues in Colossians), but I thought I would throw the question out there.
Again: what are the most debated texts and issues in Ephesians? (My own interest is in the use of the OT, and also the purpose and theological perspective of the household code.)

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