Richard Hays Co-Edits Book on Revelation

Richard Hays Co-Edits Book on Revelation June 16, 2012

A few years ago, when Richard Hays was in Durham (UK) for a special lecture, he told a group of us that he is knee-deep in a Gospels book and has basically turned down further offers to talk about Paul – he has spent decades studying Paul (to all of our benefit!) and is excited about researching the use of Scripture in the Gospels.
Well, I was also pleased to see the soon-coming release (July 2012) of a book he has edited on another non-Pauline text: Revelation and the Politics of Apocalyptic Interpretation (Baylor Press; edited with Stefan Alkier). Don’t forget to wipe the drool off of your face as you read this table of contents:

1  What Has the Spirit Been Saying? Theological and Hermeneutical Reflections on the Reception/Impact History of the Book of Revelation
Michael J. Gorman
2  Models for Intertextual Interpretation of Revelation
Steve Moyise
3  The Reception of Daniel 7 in the Revelation of John
Thomas Hieke
4  Faithful Witness, Alpha and Omega: The Identity of Jesus in the Apocalypse of John
Richard B. Hays
5  God, Israel, and Ecclesia in the Apocalypse
Joseph L. Mangina
6  Revelation and Christian Hope: Political Implications of the Revelation to John
N. T. Wright
7  Witness or Warrior? How the Book of Revelation Can Help Christians Live Their Political Lives
Stefan Alkier
8  The Apocalypse in the Framework of the Canon
Tobias Nicklas
9  Reading What Is Written in the Book of Life: Theological Interpretation of the Book of Revelation Today
Marianne Meye Thompson
I WANT THIS BOOK! Where did I put that SBL wishlist…?

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