Latest Neotestamentica (46.1, 2012) – lots of good stuff!

Latest Neotestamentica (46.1, 2012) – lots of good stuff! July 4, 2012

I have been on a blogging hiatus because I am in the middle of a cross-country move from Seattle to Philadelphia (we have driven 40+ miles already, 10-15 more to go!). I won’t be posting regularly until the end of July, but I wanted to check in and make mention of the latest issue of the South African journal, Neotestamentica (46.1 2012). Lots of good stuff in this issue. It also includes my article on Romans 1, if you are interested. Below is the TOC. I am particularly interested in the articles by Ehrensperger and Parsons/Gorman.

Klaas Bentein, M. Janse and Jorie Soltic, “’And the Mass was Praying Outside’: A Note on Luke 1:10”

Kathy Ehrensperger, “Speaking Greek under Rome: Paul, the Power of Language and the Language of Power”

Nijay Gupta, “Human Idolatry and Paul as Faithful Worshipper of God: Reconnecting Romans 1:18-32 to 1:8-15 (via 1:16-17)

Christopher M. Hays, “Slaughtering Stewards and Incarcerating Debtors: Coercing Charity in Luke 12:35-13:9”

David M. Heath, “Chiastic Structures in Hebrews: With a Focus on 1:7-14 and 12:26-29”

David A. Kaden, “Foucault, Feminism, and Liberationist Religion: Discourse, Power, and the Politics of Interpretation in the Feminist Emancipatory Project of Elisabeth Schuessler Fiorenza”

Tarcisius Mukuka, “Reading/Hearing Romans 13:1-7 under an African Tree: Towards a Lectio Postcolonica Contexta Africana

Mikeal Parsons and Heather Gorman, “The Assumed Authorial Unity of Luke and Acts: A Review Essay”

Jeremy Punt, “He is heavy…he is my brother. Unravelling Fraternity in Paul (Galatians)”

Michael Sokupa, “The Calendric Elements in Colossians 2:16in Light of the Ongoing Debate on the Opponents”

Justin Ukpong, “The Parable of the Talents (Matt 25:14-30): Commendation or Critique of Exploitation?: A Socio-Historical and Theological Reading”

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