IBR (SBL) Group on OT's Relationship to NT – Fall Program

IBR (SBL) Group on OT's Relationship to NT – Fall Program August 13, 2012

For the past several years, I have attended the friday night session of the Institute for Biblical Research which meets as an affiliate with SBL during the annual meeting. Recently, IBR launched research groups. Creig Marlowe (OT) and I co-chair a group focused on the topic: “The Relationship Between the OT and the NT.” Last year we met and discussed numerous topics in need of further research, but when it came time to vote on the most interesting subject, this topic won by a landslide: “The Use of the Old Testament in the Old Testament, and its Implications for the New Testament.” Creig and I set out to put together a fall program that could begin to break into this topic in a meaningful way that brings together both OT and NT scholars. My thought is that we would carry out a 3-year plan of study. This first year we will deal with methodological and “big picture” issues. Then, for two more fall programs, we will work through a number of case studies.
Our fall program will be on November 16 (2012), from 4PM-6PM (location TBD). Here is our tentative agenda.

(For more information see here.)
The 2 hour session will be divided into two parts. The first part will focus on the use of the OT in the OT. The second part will concentrate on what implications such a study might have on the study of the use of the OT in the NT. The keynote speaker for both parts of the session is Sheri Klouda (Taylor University). Respondents include: Peter Enns, Darrell Bock, and Bruce Fisk.
Part I: The Use of the Old Testament in the Old Testament
Creig Marlowe: Introduction (10 minutes)
Sheri Klouda [Primary Paper on the OT; official title TBA] (15 minutes)
Peter Enns: Response (10 minutes)
Open Discussion
Part II: Implications for the New Testament
Sheri Klouda: [Primary Paper on the NT; official title TBA] (10 minutes)
Darrell Bock: Response (10 minutes)
Bruce Fisk: Response (10 minutes)
Open Discussion
Planning for Next Year

We hope you will find time in your busy SBL schedule to attend our session. We made it a priority to keep papers short and to the point, so that there would be much time for discussion. We gladly welcome your participation.
Also, we do not want to pitch this group as another “OT in the NT” seminar, so please encourage OT students and researchers to get involved. We would like equal participation from OT and NT specialists alike.
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