Blomberg reviews Croy's Prima Scripture for RBL

Blomberg reviews Croy's Prima Scripture for RBL September 5, 2012

One of my favorite hermeneutics books of recent appearance is Clayton Croy’s Prima Scriptura – articulate, witty, balanced…Craig Blomberg recently published a review of Croy (mostly neutral or positive with a few criticisms). It is interesting in Blomberg’s final paragraph that he questions Baker Press’ choice of publishing so many exegesis/hermeneutics primers in such a short period (Blomberg, then Bauer/Traina, then Croy). I am not sure I resonate with Blomberg’s concern because these texts may overlap slightly in discussions of exegesis, but they also differ on a very good many things including scope. Anyway, I am always blown away by Blomberg’s eye for detail – if you want to learn how to be a sharp reader of texts, learn from this master.

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