Latest Scottish Journal of Theology includes Articles by Wright and Moberly

Latest Scottish Journal of Theology includes Articles by Wright and Moberly October 22, 2012

N.T. Wright and Walter Moberly (both Biblical scholars) have major articles in the Nov 2012 issue of Scottish Journal of TheologyWright’s is called “Imagining the Kingdom: Mission and Theology in Early Christianity.” If I am to understand the (very lengthy and complex!) abstract, Wright takes the Gospels and argues that a misreading of the Gospels and their intent has led to a wider misunderstanding of Christian theology. Wright offers a reading of the Gospels that is political (in the good sense of the word!), missional, and visionary. Very interesting that his “keywords” (for tagging) of the article are: “brain,” “Epicureanism,” “Gospels,” “Israel’s narrative,” “kingdom of God,” “left brain/right brain,” and “missiology.” I think this article is, perhaps, a nice scholarly reflection that comes out of his Simply Jesus series.

What about Moberly (whom, may I say, is one of Britain’s finest OT theologians)? His article is titled, “Knowing God and Knowing About God: Martin Buber’s Two Types of Faith Revisited.” The abstract is also long, so I won’t even try to summarize it, but here is the last line: “I also suggested that there is a fruitful work to be done through a comparative and synthetic biblical and theological study of the relationship between the Old Testament concern that people should ‘know that YHWH is God’ and the New Testament concern that people should ‘believe that Jesus Christ is Lord.’
Also, Nick Perrin gives Kavin Rowe’s Early Narrative Christology a largely positive review.
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