Logos Version 5 Released Today!

Logos Version 5 Released Today! November 1, 2012

So, am I a Bibleworks, Accordance, or Logos user [NB: not a very good pick-up line BTW]? Answer: yes, yes, and yes. On my Mac, I run Bibleworks, Accordance, AND Logos! What can I say? I have moved so many times in the last 6 years that I do my best to make sure most of my library and research resources are online!

Anyway, today is not only the first of the month (two days from my birthday!), but also it is the day of the release of Logos version 5. When version 4 came out, whenever that was, I was eager to upgrade because it enabled me to use Logos on my ipad (something that has kept me awake during many a dull sermon and meeting!).
What about version 5? Is it worth the upgrade? From what I gather, the upgrade is not really a matter of adding more books to your collection, but using your Logos resources more efficiently and effectively. I am playing around with version 5 now and I will eventually do a more thorough review, but, for now, I wanted to direct you to the short “What’s New in Logos 5” video.
As of late, let me list the top 4 reasons I use Logos
1. Quick access to commentaries, dictionaries, and lexicons.
2. Greek word search of Greek classical literature. Now that Logos has the large collection of Greek texts, I turn to it quite regularly.
3. Images – they have some great pictures and maps for classroom use.
4. Septuagint/MT study – they have some neat tools for finding out what LXX Greek word tends to correspond to particular Hebrews MT words (and vice versa) in a given OT text.
More to come…

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