R.R. Reno Ranks Grad Programs in Theology for 2012

R.R. Reno Ranks Grad Programs in Theology for 2012 November 28, 2012

In First Things, RR Reno offers his third list of theology grad program rankings (first in 2006, then 2009, now 2012). Duke and Notre Dame top the list, and a thumbs up is given to Catholic University, Wycliffe College/Toronto School of Theology, Boston College, Princeton Seminary, Perkins School of Theology, Yale, Marquette, and Univ of Dayton.

Reno also mentions that, for evangelicals, he would recommend Wheaton and TEDS. Interestingly, he mentions that Princeton would be a good choice for evangelicals because it “claim[s] aspects of that heritage” – really??? Somebody explain this to me!
One should note that Reno especially appreciates schools where students do more than historical criticism. Thus, Duke is promoted because it flourishes with “a fresh, postliberal conviction that in today’s academic culture we need to focus on renewing and deepening the traditional and apostolic character of theology.”
So, it was sad for me to see that (again?) Reno did not include any institutions in the UK. For the same reasons Reno sends students to Duke, I encourage students to consider places like Durham and St. Andrews, where it is not only OK to be a Christian, but some faculty are actually ordained (or even former Bishops!).
Still, for a place to start, Reno’s list is noteworthy. I would have added Fuller and Emory, but I am thinking specifically of New Testament studies (and not “theology” more broadly conceived).
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