Is Gene Boring Right about John's Compassion-less Jesus?

Is Gene Boring Right about John's Compassion-less Jesus? December 27, 2012

Currently I am enjoying reading M. Eugene Boring’s new massive reference book An Introduction to the New Testament (WJK, 2012). I will have much more to say about this book on another occasion, but I will say right now that Boring is extremely well-versed in almost every major critical issue in the study of the NT. However, one statement he made in his chapter on John’s Gospel took me off guard. I am curious what you think:

In general, the Johannine Jesus is portrayed as without compassion, as divinely aloof. God’s compassion for the world is manifest in the Christ event itself, not in the individual stories in which the ultimate act of God is symbolically portrayed (p. 668)

Is this true? Is john’s Jesus lacking in social concern? Is he void of empathy for the downtrodden?
I have some responses that come to my mind, but please share your thoughts in the comments!

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