"Tab for a Cause": Serve charities easily while surfing

"Tab for a Cause": Serve charities easily while surfing December 3, 2012

Have you heard of “Tab for a Cause”? It is a non-profit group that has developed a Google Chrome extension that donates money earned through banner ads that appear every time you open a new tab on your browser.

Tab for a Cause is a not-for-profit organization that helps you give easily to a cause you are passionate about. After installing the Tab for a Cause extension, one of every few new tabs you open is redirected to a donation page for your chosen cause, raising money for your charity! In only a few seconds, you can turn web browsing into charitable giving and also keep abreast of recent news related to your cause.

This is the same kind of idea that is behind “the hunger site.”
Today I am giving a lecture on Scripture and social justice and I want to have a few ideas prepared for how students can easily get involved in social justice causes. One common line of resistance is “I don’t have any money.” Fair enough (neither do I!), but especially nowadays you can think and act in just ways by the things you buy anyway (gas & food are big ones), and there are also many ways of just spending a little extra time doing something for other people (like this Chrome extension).

My one concern – is it safe to put on your computer? Two problems – TfaC is not a registered non-profit yet (they have filed the paperwork, so they say). Secondly, they are not registered with the BBB. That made me reluctant, but I decided to go for it anyway, especially because it has been spotlighted by a number of news sites that are trustworthy.
Here is a bit of back-story on the founders.
You can see their financial report for 2012 (thus far) here.

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