Your favorite Jesus scholar (asks Le Donne)? And Paul?

Your favorite Jesus scholar (asks Le Donne)? And Paul? December 7, 2012

Anthony Le Donne asks the question, “If you could study under two (and only two) living historical Jesus scholars, who would they be?”
I encourage you to go to Anthony’s blog and comment! 

I think it would interesting to ask the same about the study of Paul…
Any thoughts?
I think I might say (for Paul), if I could spend the weekend at a Pauline seminar, I would want to hear from Beverly Gaventa (where can I pre-pre-order her Romans commentary?) and Richard Hays. When I had originally applied for PhD programs, I wanted to study with Stephen Barton/John Barclay (Durham, where I went), but I also applied to study with Simon Gathercole (then at Aberdeen) and Markus Bockmuehl (then at Cambridge).
It is no surprise, then, that when people ask me where they should go to study Paul, I usually recommend Duke, Princeton, and Durham. Now I add St Andrews because of Wright and Hafemann.
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