Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters 2.2 – On Galatians

Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters 2.2 – On Galatians January 23, 2013

While I take some responsibility (as co-editor) for the late appearance of the fall issue (2.2) of the Journal for the Study of Paul and His Letters (Eisenbrauns), might I dare to suggest – IT WAS WORTH THE WAIT!

This issue is unintentionally thematic – all of the articles and essays are focused on Galatians. Well, it started out as happen-stance and we sort of thematized it as we arranged articles. Mike Bird called this a Galaterfest and I think this is one of our best issues yet.

“Salvation History in Galatians and the Making of a Pauline Discourse” (Bruce Longenecker)

“The Nature of Salvation History in Galatians” (Jason Maston)

“Salvation History in Galatians?” (response to both above by M.C. de Boer)

” ‘It Has Been Brought to Completion’: Lev 19:18 as Christological Witness in Gal 5:14″ (Michael Suh)

” ‘Once Upon a Time’: Galatians as an Apocalyptic Story” (Todd Still)

“Davidic Messiahship in Galatians” (Joel Willitts)

“The Messiah ben Abraham in Galatians: A Response to Joel Willitts” (Matthew Novenson)

“Dissertation Summary” (Stephen Carlson)

Two Reviews on Recent Galatians Commentaries

All that for a yearly subscription of $30 ($45 for libraries)?

While the articles are fantastic, I will also say the reviews (Ciampa on Schreiner, Peter Oakes on de Boer) are very insightful.

I am very pleased with how JSPL is growing and thriving. We are just finishing year #2, but Mike Bird and I have a better sense of how we want this journal to contribute to academia and I think next year will be very promising as well. Please do send us your articles for consideration. We are always looking for good contributions that our editorial board can consider.

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