Good News: Moving to NY to Teach at Northeastern Seminary This Fall

Good News: Moving to NY to Teach at Northeastern Seminary This Fall March 6, 2013

This week in the Gupta household there has been much rejoicing. Come July 1, 2013, I will begin a permanent position as Assistant Professor at Northeastern Seminary (NES) of Roberts Wesleyan College.

Since 2009, I have been on a national teaching tour: first at Ashland Theological Seminary (visiting), then Seattle Pacific University/Seminary (visiting), and currently at Eastern University (visiting). I am so happy to say when I go to Northeastern, I won’t be  visiting! They have invited me to stay (i.e., “tenure-track”)!

In all seriousness, I have dreamt, since my time in seminary, of teaching at a thriving seminary, working with pastors, missionaries, and other Christian leaders – a place just like NES. I will have outstanding colleagues (you probably know the work of Richard Middleton), wonderful students (some of whom I had the privilege to meet during my interview), and a quaint city (Rochester).

I can honestly say that, from the first interview I had with NES, I knew that this was an ideal place for my teaching and scholarship. The leadership is exemplary, the staff exceptionally warm, and the campus itself (of RWC) is impressive.

God has been incredibly gracious and merciful to us. Many people in my position are struggling to find permanent employment, and I feel like I have been showered with an embarrassment of riches with, not only a job, but one at such a great seminary.

It is sad to leave my wonderful students and excellent colleagues here at Eastern, but I am eager to put roots down in Rochester and stow my suitcases indefinitely. A special thanks to Amy Gupta – she has persevered in move after move and making new friends, new doctors, new schools for the kids. Thanks for all your love and support, Amy!

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