Paul and the Law – Coming Soon from Brian Rosner

Paul and the Law – Coming Soon from Brian Rosner April 10, 2013

It would be a serious understatement to say that the subject of Paul’s understanding of the law is much studied. Indeed, there are some good studies, and there are a good number of weak studies. Brian Rosner is coming out with a new book entitled Paul and the Law: Keeping the Commandments of God (IVP, 9/2013), I have every expectation that this will be one of the finest studies on the topic. Rosner did his dissertation on Paul’s use of the OT in 1 Corinthians, and has been a leading scholar in Pauline ethics. He knows how to write clearly and argue cogently.

To get more familiar with Rosner, you might want to check out the audio from a sermon on “The Wisdom of the Cross” that he gave.

Rosner is completing his first year as the principal of Ridley College, Melbourne.

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