Post-Register and Watch Re-runs of Ecclesia and Ethics Videos!

Post-Register and Watch Re-runs of Ecclesia and Ethics Videos! May 28, 2013

Last weekend, on Saturday afternoon, I sat down at my desk in my house and participated in the unique online academic conference on “Ecclesia and Ethics.” It was a very interesting and rewarding experience, as I got a chance to interact with people from all over the world (especially during the engaging Q & A session). If you missed the event (the last two Saturdays), the good news is that the conveners decided to allow post-event registration to give anyone access to the video recordings of the presentations (for those who gave permission, which was most of us). I have already watched a couple of them that I missed, and it is well worth the $10!

My paper was on the fact that the church tends to use the word “discipleship” as a catch-all for ecclesial ethics. However, the word “disciple” is not used even once outside of the four Gospels and Acts. I focused on Paul and basically engaged with the question – if Paul didn’t use the language of discipleship to form a vision of ethics, how might we be faithful to his moral vision? I have my own take on what could come out of this question, but I encourage you to post-register and hear/watch for yourself!
I missed almost all the papers of the first Saturday because I was very sick. I could have still watched them in bed, but I knew the video recordings were coming, so I like the option of watching them at my leisure – especially watching them while I make dinner!
For those of you “in attendance” of this conference, what were your thoughts? Did you enjoy it? What could have been done better?

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