Crossan/Witherington Forum on Jesus to be Published

Crossan/Witherington Forum on Jesus to be Published June 23, 2013

In 2010, the Greer-Heard Point-Counterpoint Forum focused on the topic of “The Message of Jesus” with speakers such as Crossan, Witherington, A-J Levine, and Darrell Bock. A book is being published by Fortress based on that forum.
Check it out.
I am particularly interested in Bock’s paper: “Faith and the Historical Jesus: Does a Confessional Position and Respect for the Jesus Tradition Preclude Serious Historical Engagement?”

Also David Wenham: “Critical Blindness, Wise Virgins, and the Law of Christ: Three Surprising Examples of Jesus Tradition in Paul”
Fortress has, amazingly, made the first 40+ pages of the book (not yet published!) available for free on their website as a “sample.”  This sample contains the dialogue between Crossan and Witherington – the Q & A is exceptionally candid and insightful. I dare to say that they gave away the best part of the book! As you read it, be sure to toast Fortress!

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