Dale Allison going to Princeton

Dale Allison going to Princeton June 13, 2013

This academic year has seen some  movement in Biblical studies at Princeton. Beverly Gaventa and Ross Wagner both switched institutions – the former to Baylor, the latter to Duke. That left some folks wondering –what will come of NT Studies at PTS? Well, with folks Black and Parsenios there, it was still expected to be quite strong in any case. However, the news just became official that Dale Allison will join their ranks in the fall – not a bad deal for a Presbyterian to end up at Princeton! This is good news indeed for Princeton, which will have strength in Gospels studies, and a bit less emphasis on Paul, I suppose.

I have read a few books by Allison in recent years and I have been thoroughly impressed. You can find the official news from Princeton here. My understanding is that they will also be announcing soon a hire at the assistant level.
HT: Mark Goodacre.

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