Josh Mann’s “Press Publish” Interview With Me

Josh Mann’s “Press Publish” Interview With Me August 6, 2013

If you are interested in the back history of some bibliobloggers, you should check out PhD student Josh Mann’s series of interviews (Mark Goodacre, Mike Bird, Stephen Carlson, Scot McKnight, Anthony Le Donne, Jim West, Ben Witherington). Josh recently posted an interview with yours truly.

I have enjoyed blogging over the last six years very much. I have had senior scholars scoff at me (to my face) when they heard that I blog. It is still viewed by many as juvenile ranting and bickering. Some of that happens, yes, but there are some great things going on as well.

Perhaps, Ι can mention two more than things I recognize as valuable in blogging

(1) isolated scholars and students can become part of an active community. Sometimes it is hard to find people around you that are interested in the same things. The biblioblogging community is a very welcoming community.

(2) Some biblioblogs offer great resources, comfort, and wisdom to pastors. I love that pastors read my blog. I have changed some of my content over the last few years to cater more to topics and resources of interest to pastors. Many pastors cannot afford the time and money to keep up with what is going on in academic literature in Biblical Studies. Blogs offer real-time, free updates on what is important, what is out there, and what needs to filter down to parishoners.

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