Festschrift in Honour of Maarten Menken (Use of OT in NT)

Festschrift in Honour of Maarten Menken (Use of OT in NT) September 7, 2013

Prof. Maarten Menken has recently been honored with a Festschrift that focuses on the subject The Scriptures of Israel in Jewish and Christian Tradition (Brill, 2013; ed. B.J. Koet, S. Moyise, J. Verheyden). At 26 contributors, this volume will undoubtedly offer a substantial examination of the interpretation of Scripture in the New Testament (and beyond) by many leading scholars. See the Table of Contents below. I have placed in bold essays I think will be particularly interesting. By the way, I appreciate the strong European flavor of this volume, a nice change for me from the same American and even British writers I am used to reading on this subject.

Table of contents

Bart J. Koet, Maarten Menken: A Portrait of the Scholar
Interpretation of Scripture and the New Testament
Steve Moyise, Matthew’s Bible in the Infancy Narrative
Joost Smit Sibinga †, Theme and Variations: Isaiah’s Song of the Vineyard and Its Influence in the New Testament
Joop Smit, The Function of the Two Quotations from Isaiah in Luke 3-4
Adelbert Denaux, The Use of Scripture in Luke 9:51-56
Susan Docherty, The Reception of Tobit in the New Testament and Early Christian Literature, with Special Reference to Luke-Acts 
Peter Doble, “Are these things so?” (Acts 7:1): A Narrative-intertextual Approach to Reading Stephen’s speech
Joseph Verheyden, A Cry for Help: A Note in the Margin of Acts 16:9
Wendy North, Bethany beyond the Jordan
Ulrich Busse, Reinigung und Heiligung im Johannesevangelium
Gilbert Van Belle, The Signs of the Messiah in the Fourth Gospel: The Problem of a “Wonder-working Messiah”
Harm W. Hollander, Paul’s Use of the Old Testament and his Attack on Apollos’ Adherents in Corinth
Gert Steyn, The Text Form of the Torah quotations Common to the Corpus Philonicum and Paul’s Corinthian Correspondence
Martin C. de Boer, Observations on the Significance of the Old Testament in Galatians
Tobias Nicklas, Intertextuality – Christology – Pseudepigraphy: The Impact of Old Testament Allusions in 2 Thess 1:5-12
David Allen, Why Bother Going Outside?: The Use of the Old Testament in Heb 13:10-16
John Court, Tracing Scriptural Authority
Michael Labahn, “Das Buch dieser Prophetie” – die Schriften Israels und die Schrift des Sehers: Überlegungen zu Schrifthermeneutik der Johannesoffenbarung
Archibald van Wieringen, The Theologoumenon “New” Bridging the Old and the New Testament
Eric Ottenheijm, “Which if a man do them he shall live by them:” Jewish and Christian Discourse on Lev 18:5 
Margaret Daly-Denton, The Old Testament in the New: A Resource for an Ecological ReadingInterpretation of Scripture after the NT
Huub W.M. van de Sandt, The Old Testament and the Didache
Bart J. Koet, Isaiah 60:17 as a Key for Understanding the Two-fold Ministry of ἐπισκόποι and διάκονοι According to 1 Clement (1 Clem. 42:5)
Pieter W. van der Horst, Biblical Quotations in Judaeo-Greek Inscriptions
Henk Jan de Jonge, The Use of the Old Testament in Scripture Readings in Early Christian Assemblies
Pancratius C. Beentjes, Saint Augustine’s Sermons 38-41 on the Book of Ben Sira
Lionel North, Jan van den Driessche (Johannes Drusius, 1550-1616) and the Study of the Old Testament in the New

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