What Authors Influence Pastors Most?

What Authors Influence Pastors Most? September 16, 2013

I am reading a fascinating book by Jackson Carroll called God’s Potters which offers the results from a series of studies on the life, habits, and work of modern pastors across the spectrum of traditions (study dates back to 2001). One question asked of clergy was the authors they most often read in relation to their vocation and work. Here are the results by tradition.

Catholic: Henri Nouwen, John Paul II, Raymond Brown (yay!), William Bausch, Walter Burghardt, Scott Hahn, Anthony de Mello, William Barclay, Richard P. McBrien, Karl Rahner

Mainline Protestant: Nouwen, William Willimon, Frederick Buechner, Max Lucado, Eugene Peterson, C.S. Lewis, Marcus Borg, Lyle Schaller, Philip Yancey, Walter Brueggemann

Conservative Protestant: Lucado, John Maxwell, Charles Swindoll, John MacArthur, Yancey, Rick Warren, C.S. Lewis, Warren Wiersbe, Charles Spurgeon, Eugene Peterson

Historic Black: Warren Wiersbe, MacArthur, Matthew Henry, Maxwell, Swindoll, Charles Spurgeon, Rick Warren, Charles Stanely, J. Vernon McGee, Lucado

What did you find surprising here?

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