Dec 2013 JSNT now online

Dec 2013 JSNT now online December 10, 2013

Here. Great to see Jan Lambrecht in this issue, but does he know that Wright did not actually write Romans 4? Shaw’s article looks very interesting as well!

Matthew Thiessen

  • ‘The Rock Was Christ’: The Fluidity of Christ’s Body in 1 Corinthians 10.

Fernando Bermejo-Rubio

  • (Why) Was Jesus the Galilean Crucified Alone? Solving a False Conundrum

David A. Shaw

  • Apocalyptic and Covenant: Perspectives on Paul or Antinomies at War

Alexander V. Prokhorov

  • Taking the Jews out of the Equation: Galatians 6.12-17 as a Summons to Cease Evading Persecution

Jan Lambrecht

  • Romans 4: A Critique of N.T. Wright

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