My New Article on Theology of Colossians

My New Article on Theology of Colossians December 30, 2013

I am excited to give notice that I have a new article out with the periodical Canadian Theological Review (2013). The title of the article is: “Beholding the Word of Christ: A Theological Reading of Colossians.” This is my contribution to the question about the theological substance or subject matter (Sache) of this important text. One thing I do in the essay is bring Colossians canonically into dialogue with Deuteronomy and the Gospel of John since there are some important shared themes (emphasis on Word, monotheism, divine presence). I also manage to sneak in a discussion of Bonhoeffer’s reading of Colossians and his approach to the theme of revelatory hearing vs. seeing.This article is not the definitive work on the theology of Colossians, but I hope it is helpful contribution.

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