Are the Ecumenical Creeds Inspired?

Are the Ecumenical Creeds Inspired? January 26, 2014

Most Christians who affirm the ecumenical creeds make a clear distinction between the nature of Scripture and the nature of these theological statements. I would feel confident in saying almost no Protestant church or group would argue that the creeds are inspired (please comment if you know of Protestant groups that think differently). But I was taken back by this statement from none other than Martin Luther:

I believe the words of the apostles’ creed to be the work of the Holy Ghost; the Holy Spirit alone could have enunciated things so grand, in terms so precise, so expressive, so powerful. No human creature could have done it, nor all the human creatures of ten thousand words. This creed, then, should be the constant object of our most serious attention. For myself, I cannot too highly admire or venerate it (Table Talk, CCLXIV)

Wow! This goes beyond merely affirming the simple truthfulness of the creeds – Luther moves to word-based inspiration. Any comments or thoughts on this?

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