Watch Richard Hays’ Lecture on Canon and Creed

Watch Richard Hays’ Lecture on Canon and Creed January 12, 2014

Back in June, Dr. Richard B. Hays (Duke) gave a lecture at Trinity School for Ministry’s “Ancient Evangelical Future Conference.” His particular lecture was called “The Creed as Hermeneutical Lens for Reading Scripture – and Vice-Versa.” I was delighted to find that the video is available here.

Be prepared for Hays voicing his disagreement with N.T. Wright over this kind of hermeneutical approach. I tend to side with Wright on the issue (watch the video to learn about what the issues actually are), but if there was someone who could convince me that the creed can serve as a proper “hermeneutical lens,” then Hays would be the one! Actually, appealing to the work of David Yeago, Hays makes some excellent points towards his view.

He takes, as his focus, thinking about Christology in the creeds (“very God of very God”) alongside the portrayal of Jesus in the Gospels as divine. As you might expect of Hays, he pays special attention to the Evangelists’ use of Old Testament YHWH texts in the Gospels and how Jesus is rediscovered there in light of his eschatological appearance.

Great stuff and worth checking out. Other speakers in the conference (whose lectures are also accessible) include Chris Hall, David Yeago, and Peter Leithart.

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