Do You Agree With This NTW Quote about Galatians??? (Gupta)

Do You Agree With This NTW Quote about Galatians??? (Gupta) February 4, 2014

On page 528 of Paul and the Faithfulness of God by N.T. Wright (of 1600 pages). At the same time I am reading Stephen Westerholm’s Justification Reconsidered (about 1/10th the size of PFG, but very well written and argued). Westerholm takes Sanders, Stendahl, Dunn, and Wright to task on their reading Galatians and justification/righteousness language. So far (not done with Westerholm), I think his concerns need to be heard and responded to, but I think Wright is least guilty of what Westerholm is most concerned with (i.e., a sole focus on horizontal issues in Paul’s use of justification/righteousness language). However, I came across this quote today from Wright’s PFG:

“the main point of Galatians is to reassure the Gentile Christians there that they are already full members of God’s people (i.e., of Abraham’s worldwide family) and thus do not need to get circumcised” (ch. 7)

Do you agree with Wright? If not, how might you articulate (in a brief sentence) the ‘main point of Galatians’?

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