Some Reflections on Wright Big Paul Book from Larry Hurtado (Gupta)

Some Reflections on Wright Big Paul Book from Larry Hurtado (Gupta) March 17, 2014

I resonate with Larry Hurtado’s brief statement about N.T. Wright’s Paul and the Faithfulness of God project. Hurtado first mentions his admiration for Wright (which I would echo). But he also expresses surprise that Wright could not find a way to speak his mind, as it were, with less words and pages. I agree with this concern. I am afraid that, in fifty years when students want to read up on this “N.T. Wright” figure that the professors keep mentioning, few of them will turn to PFG. Fortunately Wright has written several shorter books on Paul, and I suspect those will become the “reader’s digest” for PFG for future students. I am enjoying the marathon of reading through PFG, but, if I weren’t especially aiming for writing a review, I am not sure that I could endure to the end (or resist the temptation to skip ahead to more central portions).

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